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Ever heard of  tub techies? Technology can be a blessing and a curse. This applies to bathroom remodeling as well. New trends and tub techies_patchdesigns in bathtubs, showers, tiles, and sinks can make your bathroom look like a dinosaur. Enter Tuff Tub Refinishing. We use the latest bathtub reglazing technology to save you money, time, and headaches. You do not have to drain the bank account to update your bathroom to a flourishing function, feel, and form.

Tub Techies-Function

The most important aspect of bathtub technology is how it works. It can look and feel great, but if it caves in after a few months it is useless. You might as well just purchase a new tub. Tuff Tub Techies are professionally trained specialists who properly refinish your bathroom. A correctly resurfaced bathtub can last up to fifteen years! This is significant when you compare the cost of replacing your tub, sink, shower or tiles.

Tub Techies-Feel

Let us not neglect comfort. Whether you are relaxing in your bath tub at the end of a long week, or simply showering off, you want to tub techies afterwant to spend time in your bathroom. Our tub techies make sure the lines are straight and surface is smooth. We can add non-slip grip or even “padding.” Your bathtub experience is important to us. Lather in a luxurious tuff tub!

Tub Techies-Form

Life is not only about function and feel. Looks are important as well! That is why our tub techies are devoted to provide you with bathroom that has beauty and brawn! Your choice of color and style is just what the Tuff Tub technician orders!

tub techies_formFunction, feel, and form from your local Tuff Tub Techies! Call us today for a free estimate!

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