Cast Iron Bathtub Repair

Is your bathtub cracking? At Tuff Tub Refinishing, every day we run into cast iron tubs that have become brittle over time. If your bathtub deteriorates for too long, the cost to repair or strip the entire tub may be involved. Thankfully, if you see any of these signs of wear or just want a fresh look, Tuff Tubs can provide an expert cast iron bathtub repair that lasts.

cast iron bathtub repair

Bathtub Repair In San Clemente

This cast iron bathtub repair process was as easy as 1-2!

Repair. First, we chipped off the loose porcelain on a cast iron bathtub. Next, we filled it in with several applications of marine grade filler. Finally, we grinded and sanded the tub edge to match the contour. 

Coating. After our final spray of sealer, this San Clemente cast iron bathtub repair project was complete!

FYI. If a crack develops in the porcelain and it’s deep enough to go down to the cast iron, water can get into the crack and start rusting which will cause the porcelain to start separating.

Like these happy customers, you may not want us to refinish the entire tub, but just get close with our standard white. 

If your tub needs a full re-haul, here is our basic five step bathtub repair.

Prep. First, we remove all caulking and loose debris. This allows for tighter adhesion. Using sanding and utility knives, we precisely keep the surface as smooth as possible.

Repair. Next up, the cast iron tub repair. We apply our industrial strength filler and sand it smooth with a high speed grinder. Not only does this encourage a super flush surface, it also is an eye catcher as well!

Etching. For the sake of bonding, we etch the shower surface with an eco-friendly stain. Consequently, this achieves a porous surface to bond final sealer, producing a watertight seal. This important step in cast iron tub repair is performed precisely.

Primer and Coating. Fourth, we apply multiple coats of waterproofing paint sealer. As a result, you get a “new” bathtub!

Sealer. After our final spray of sealer, the tub refinishing project is your own personal showpiece!cast iron bathtub repair _ after

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