Replace Your Tub?

“The farmer sure would be thankful for this tub,” you think.

tub_cow trough“The cows will be in heaven.”

“Good riddance!”

Tub- to replace or not to replace?

The above are some of the thoughts of the frustrated bathtub owner. Yes, the bathtub owner. You might be having similar thoughts yourself.

“This old tub is ready for pasture!”

“I can’t salvage this shower!”

“This tile has ruined my smile!”

“This sink stinks!!”

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You have to have somewhere to bathe, so removal without replacement is no solution. You dread trying to Do It Yourself (DIY). Just thinking about following along with a You Tube video in hopes that you might have another bath tub in the aftermath, is daunting. It doesn’t have to be a matter of “new” or “do.” There is a third option.

Tub- Refinishing

As technology advances, it seems to affect every aspect of life. Bathroom restoration is no exception. Instead of replacing your old bathtub or trying to cut economic corners with a DIY kit, consider Tuff Tub Refinishing. For a fraction of the cost of replacement, without the “ban aid” approach of DIY, you can have a like new tub in only a few hours. In a few simple steps, our professionals can restore your bathtub, shower, tile, and sink to their original sheen!

1) Removal-we clear debris, old or worn materials from the tub surface to prepare for the sanding process.

2) Rough-in’ it-next, we rough up the bathtub to get hard to remove gunk, while smoothing the surface for the repair phase.

tub refinishing final3) Repair-any cracks, holes, or uneven surfaces are patched up.

4) Reduce-an eco-friendly etching agent is applied to facilitate bonding for the coatings.

5) Reseal-it’s prime time! After the etch sketch we begin to seal the deal.

6) Recoat-the final sealing coat is where the color comes in. We care about aesthetics at Tuff Tub Refinishing!

Tuff Tubs is your Orange County connection to the bath tub replacement dilemma!

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