Preparing For Your Refinishing Project

Are you thinking about remodeling the bathroom? A bathtub, shower, or vanity refinishing project is often part of a bathroom remodel.

Where refinishing comes in, the pecking order can make all the difference. If your refinishing project comes too soon, they might have to return to fix chips or dings or generally clean up the mess of the other contractors.Refinishing Project _ Hall Bathroom

Three things to consider when preparing for your refinishing project.

1) Have the refinishing team come last. Ideally, the refinishing squad should be the last ones in your bathroom. Painting, flooring, tile work, etc., should all be done prior to refinishing the tub, shower, or sink.

You don’t want masking tape on your new paint! So, it’s essential to let your painting contractor know so he can prep the surface enough. Even though the painting was done correctly, paint can still peel when masked off. Nevertheless, it is more accessible for a spot on a wall to be touched than a tub or shower.

2) Hardware should be replaced. Nothing detracts from the look of a shiny new tub than retaining an old crusty and rusty drain flange or other hardware. Have it replaced or removed entirely before the refinishing team arrives so everything looks new.

3) Take care of leaks. Nothing can ruin a new finish like dripping water on a fresh coat of polyurethane. An excellent refinishing team does its best to protect the new coating from water drips by blocking the faucet or spout. However, sometimes our best could be improved. Having a plumber repair leaks beforehand ensures that the finish will not be damaged or contaminated by a leaky faucet.

Refinishing Project Here is what one of happy customer said about Tuff Tub Refinishing:

“After kicking around the thought of doing a full bath/shower remodel, we decided to give refinishing a go with 2 of our bathrooms and try not to reinvent the wheel. Arlen was very responsive, and his quote was competitive with others. We gave Tuff Tub a go. We are pleased with the results and highly recommend Tuff Tub for anyone looking to refresh their bath/shower at a fraction of the cost of a full remodel.”

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