Bathtub Reglazing Orange County Ca

We like glazed donuts. Shiny, sweet coating that is a beauty to behold. The problem is, what’s inside is pure poison. The gut bomb galore, Bathtub Reglazing Glitterwaiting to explode your insides. That gooey goodness comes at a cost. That is why when it comes to your bath tub, we at Tuff Tub Refinishing have devoted ourselves to the real deal. Bathtub reglazing is a fortified tub restoration solution that does not come back to haunt you.

Bathtub Reglazing

Getting out the ingredients. We start by removing the impurities. We prep the surface to make sure your bathtub reglazing project is starts off with the right recipe.

Mixing the batch. Once we remove the excess debris, we sand it up and smooth out the rough spots.

Rolling the dough. Out comes the etch! We use eco-friendly chemicals to ensure a solid bond with your tub and the bathtub refinishing coating.

Into the oven. It is prime time to achieve that glossy glaze that we all love! Next , comes the color and true life of the tub.Bathtub Reglazing rails

Enjoy! In a few short hours, you have a bathtub reglazing experience that rivals the choicest of confectioner’s glazing! No gut bomb or wallet thievery either.

Bathtub reglazing is a fraction of the cost of replacing your whole bath tub.

Cut costs, less mess, eco-friendly environment, personal patronage, industry standard instruments! No bank account barrage, no slip ups or grimy grout!

We also can get your glaze on for the entire bathroom! Tuff Tub Refinishing performs shower and tile refinishing, as well as sink resurfacing. Call us today for a free over the phone estimate and get on the glitter!

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