Securing Your Tub Threshold

Often we come across a tub that has been converted for folks that have limited mobility. The threshold may be too high for them to step over. There are several companies that do these conversions, but it may be Securing Your Tub Threshold _ crackdifficult to determine which company will do the best job. Well, we suggest that whomever you choose, make sure they are licensed and insured, just like Tuff Tub Refinishing.

Securing Thresholds – weighing out the options

Some thresholds are limited in the weight they can bear. So, when that weight is excessive, they may crack.  At Tuff Tubs, our skilled technicians can completely reinforce the threshold. Even better, we repair any cracks in the process. In addition, we match the color and blend so that a full refinish isn’t necessary. Since we are not out to make a quick buck or up sell, we customize for your specific needs.

 Securing Thresholds – weighing out the process

Securing Your Tub Threshold _Repair

As you can see from the pictures, our process is detailed yet simple for securing your tub threshold.

  1. Assess the issue. Obviously, we see here that the threshold is cracked.
  2. Repair the damage. We not only remove the structural compromising cracking, we go that extra step. Bu making the surface flush, we match the contours of the bathtub, shower, sink, our countertop.
  3. Coat the contours. Thankfully, our sturdy waterproof coatings can almost perfectly match any surface texture.

Securing Your Tub Threshold _ AFTER

Here is some good news for you. If you have need help securing your tub threshold or have any cracking in your tub, shower, or sink – Tuff Tub can help! Don’t wait, call us today for an over the phone estimate. Then we can make your worries disappear, along with a cracked tub.

Again, here is what a recent satisfied customer says about Tuff Tub Refinishing:

“Marco refinished my bathroom sink and I couldn’t be happier!  Showed up on time, worked efficiently, cleaned up perfectly, and did excellent, quality work.  Arlan was easy to communicate with, detailedwith the quote; and I think the cost was reasonable for the quality of work and time spent doing it. I highly recommend this company.” –Yelp review

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