Should I Convert My Jetted Tub to a Regular Tub?

Tuff Tubs is regularly asked, “Should I convert my jetted tub?” 

jetted tub conversion _ beforeIs your jacuzzi tub out of date? Unused? Are you ready for a simpler solution to achieving a soaking sensation? At Tuff Tub Refinishing, jetted tub conversions are no problem. Additionally, it can save you hassle and hundreds of dollars – with a new bathtub reglaze! Yet, to make sure a tub conversion is proper for you, first, there are some things to consider.

Jetted Tub – Some Considerations

If your jetted tub is operational, you should be flushing it at least once a month. This will remove mold, particles, and debris that may become trapped in the hoses that deliver air through the system. Once the motor is turned off, water may recollect into the jets of the corresponding hoses. If flushing is not done on a monthly basis, you may be at risk of soaking in contaminated water – just plain gross!

Of course, sometimes the novelty of having a a jetted tub wears off and it may be months between uses. In that case, flushing your jetted tub becomes even more critical to remove the standing water in the hoses. Occasionally, the motors burn out or parts become obsolete. This makes a conversion an even better solution. Give Tuff Tub a call and find out if a conversion is a good fit for you.

jetted tub conversion _ after

Jet Conversion

This tub was in really good shape. So, we did not need to perform any repairs. Here are three steps to success:

First, jet insert removal.

Second, filling the holes with waterproof bonder.

Third, smoothing the marine grade filler and making the rest of the tub uniform. This is also necessary for adhering the final coat. 

We use only industry approved products for our jetted tub conversions. Our installers are professionally trained. Because we have a passion for excellence, we are honest and upfront. If you call us today, we can provide a free over the phone estimate. In addition, we repair and reglaze showers, sinks, tubs, countertops, and sinks!


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