Intro To Bathtub Reglazing

Is your tub so scoured that it feels like sandpaper? What should you do what that rust? Does your tile need a steel toothbrush to clean the cracks? At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we get it. We can walk you through an intro to bathtub reglazing!

Intro To Bathtub Reglazing – Method

You do not need to replace your bathtub, shower, sink or countertop. With advanced technology in bathtub refinishing methods, you can save thousands of dollars. 

Intro To Bathtub ReglazingEven if you have cracks, rust, or holes in your tub, shower, countertop or sink – we can help fix it. Because tub reglazing is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Repair. Fixing the damage done to your bathtub is the initial prep step. In other words, we smooth out any irregularities or fill any cracks.
  2. Sand. Sanding down the tub is generally for two reasons. One, to make a smooth surface that enhances your bathing experience. Two, to bond the surface with a waterproof sealant.
  3. Coat. Then a spray-on-coating gives you a new tub! This is why it is called bathtub reglazing. Kind of like the sides and bottom of a boat freshly waxed. Strong, fully watertight, smooth – just like new!

Intro To Bathtub Reglazing – People

At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we are artisans. Committed to proper products and procedure, our technicians are certified experts. They keep up with the latest technology and techniques. This is so that they can work with your budget and specific needs.  Throughout the process, we know what we are doing, and why we are dong it. 

Intro to Bathtub Reglazing – Promise

Call us today for a free over the phone estimate. Then your shower, tub, sink, or countertops in no time can personally benefit from our intro to bathroom reglazing ! We are your Orange County local bathtub reglazing specialists!

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