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Last post we talked about our ritzy bathtub refinishing of a clawfoot tub in Corona Del Mar. Here is part two of our project report. Not only did the tub need an overhaul, but so did the sinks. Like bathtubs, there is a way to restore your sink to what it used to be. Rest assured, the Tuff Tubs crew are well-rounded in their skill set! At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we take pride in a shimmering sink refinish. For those who new to the refinishing world, let’s give a quick breakdown of what we mean by “sink refinish.”



Achieving a shimmering sink refinish process is a simple but precise process. Since here can be high costs when replacing sinks, the sink refinishing industry has developed. It not only saves hundreds to thousands of dollars. Also, it keeps your kitchen or bathroom project from becoming an unusable disaster! At Tuff Tubs, we make sure our services are in and out, so you can get in and enjoy your bathroom. Not only that, but you can start using your “like new” sink in less than a day.

5 Steps To A Shimmering Sink Refinish

When it comes to the sink refinishing process, there are five basic steps. 

1. Acid etch. Our eco-friendly etch creates a uniform bonding area for your porcelain. This is so that we can properly adhere the primer coatings. 

2. Fill in the cracks. Chips are filled with fiberglass gel and sanded  smooth. It is crucial to perform proper surface repair in order to create a shimmering sink refinish. Thus, we ensure that this will be a watertight sink finish masterpiece.

3. Mask off area. As a preliminary precaution, an important step is masking off the project area. Our workspaces are clean, tidy, and efficient. 

4. Epoxy primer. Thoroughness is one reason we are so Tuff. In order to achieve uniformity, two coats of primer are applied. If you are changing the color of your sink, this is even more crucial.

5. Polyurethane resin. Finally, your color coating of choice is our pleasure!

It is no plunge to take with a Tuff Tubs shimmering sink refinish project! In fact, it is simple, cost-effective, and efficient. We want you to have a “new” sink when you need it! At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we also offer a up to five year warranties! 

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