Rusty Bathtub Eradication

As we covered in a previous post, a rusty bathtub is a symptom of a deeper issue. Before we can eradicate the rust, we need to find the cause. Usually, the cause is a leak somewhere. So, water collects or pools, producing rust on the tub. Once the source of the problem is discovered and eliminated, we can continue to repair and reglaze the bathtub, shower, or countertop.

Rusty Bathtub Repair

When you have leak or visible rust intrusion, it can seem like a daunting project. In fact, you might even be tempted to throw in the towel and do a full bathroom remodel. Please wait! At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we are experts at properly repairing a rusty bathtub and reglazing your surfaces to become as good as new. And what is more, you can save you thousands of dollars and days of bathroom functionality!

rusty tub _ repair Six easy steps ensure a successful repair of a rusty tub:

  1. Etch the tub with an eco-friendly acid.
  2. Grind and cut out the rusted material.
  3. Apply a rust inhibitor. This keeps the bad stuff from coming back!
  4. Create a support and backing system. First, we use resin and fiberglass or wire mesh. Then fill in any irregularities with more fiberglass gel or marine grade filler. Tuff Tubs are strong and waterproof.
  5. Sand everything smooth. Aesthetic appeal is a bonus!
  6. Spray two coats of epoxy primer, followed by two coats of our polyurethane resin. You are now the proud owner of a Tuff Tub!

If you catch rust in your tub before it causes irreparable damage, we can help. Tuff Tubs has the right system for your needs, guaranteed. In addition, we are committed to personal customer care. By adhering to California chemical products policies, we show that you and our world are worth going the extra mile. Call us today for a free over the phone estimate, and let us help you eradicate your rust bathtub today!

rusty tub _ beforerusty tub _ after


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