When A Rusty Tub Is Too Far Gone

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When things have gone too far.

Take care of leaks as soon as you are aware of them. Deal with a rusty tub as soon as you see it. Rust is the visual symptom of the problem, not the source of the problem.

At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we are committed to saving your tub before it’s too late…

Rusty TubRusty Tub Remedy – Prevention

If you have rust or other damage to your bathtub, fret not. You can buy a whole new tub, but if you reglaze your tub, you can save thousands! Do not let your tub reach the state of no return, as in these pictures.

Rusty Tub Repair – Process

Our process is as easy as 1-2-3! We can reglaze your tub without hassle to you or your family.

  1. Repair. We assess the situation and then get to work. We can grind out cracks, rust, and any other unnecessary debris. We will remove and re-install your shower doors at no cost. We sand down all the surfaces to achieve a proper bond.
  2. Prime. After repair, we tape everything off to avoid overspray. We apply our bonder primer to prepare for the final paint sealer.
  3. Paint. Once the primer is dry, we spray on our waterproof paint sealer of your color choice. Aesthetics are just as crucial as a Tuff Tub!

rusty tub Rusty Tub Reinforced – Promise

If you catch rust in your tub before it causes irreparable damage, we can help, just like we did for this satisfied customer:

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