Shower Refinishing

shower refinishing _ cracks

We recently traveled to Fullerton to tackle a gnarled tile shower. Not only was the tile out of date, but it was as if an earthquake had rocked the shower! Indeed, there were huge cracks on the shower floor, step down and wall-to-floor joint (see left). A shower refinishing project is born.

Shower Refinishing – The Good News

Yet, we see this all time at Tuff Tub Refinishing. No need to replace the shower. Simply put, we repaired the cracked tiles, then performed a shower refinishing that made it look like new!

Shower Refinishing – The Grind To the Glory

shower refinishing _ beforeshower refinishing _ after

The basic process is pretty straightforward: we etched the surface with acid, wet sanded the surface, and then coated. Yet, here are the details:

  1. After we ground out the area and made irregularities uniform, we filled it with marine grade filler and fiberglass gel.
  2. Etched and wet sanded the tile and wiped down with either 100% alcohol.
  3. Sprayed on two coats of epoxy primer.
  4. Added two coats of our polyurethane coating.

All shower coatings are essentially waterproof, this eliminates the issues that come with uncoated tiles. Additionally, you have the option to have us remove and replace the shower door for a nominal fee. With a “new” shower refinishing like this, why not go all the way and update the dingy shower slider door!

shower refinishing _ after close upShower Refinishing – The Guarantee

We are in and out within hours, you can use your tub or shower within 2-4 days, we will shoot straight, so you can get what you need. We use eco-friendly products, make sure the work area is safe, and genuinely put professional care and effort into each project. You deserve no less. We also refinish, reglaze, and resurface bathtubs, sinks, and countertops. For an over the phone estimate, call Tuff Tubs today. Then, you can experience an unparalleled shower refinishing solution that lasts for years to come!

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