Bath Tub Reglazing Solution

Is your bath tub flaking, rusted, scratched, or simply faded? There is an easy way to find a remedy. It is cost efficient and fast. Tuff Tub Refinishing is your Orange County bath tub reglazing solution. 

bath tub reglazing solutionBath Tub Reglazing Solution – Basic

We make it easy at Tuff tubs. While our process is professional, your bath tub reglazing solution is nonetheless basic: repair, sand, apply.

We repair tile on shower walls or tubs. We remove all fixtures to ensure a smooth surface.

This is to prep for sanding. After every crack, dent, or flake is repaired, we sand the whole surface. This achieves both smoothness and helps create a bond.

Bonding is crucial for adhesion to the waterproof coating. Our coating comes in your custom choice of color and gives your tub a whole new lease on life.

bath tub reglazing solution _ railsBath Tub Reglazing Solution – Efficient

You need not spend all the money or time it takes to install a whole new bath tub, shower, sink, or countertop. Our tub reglazing process is fast. You can be in your “new” tub in less than 48 hours from start to finish!

Bath Tub Reglazing Solution – Long Lasting

Instead of purchasing a new tub, shower, counter, or sink – you can extend the life of your current bathroom appliances. At a fraction of the cost, you can have a whole new bathroom! Save all your cash for real living, not appliance maintenance. Oftentimes, all your bathtub needs is a little overhaul to extend its life for a decade or more. 

Call Tuff Tubs today, for a free over the phone estimate. We can be out to your home or building within the week, to get started on your bath tub reglazing solution! Our industry trained team is polite, professional, and caring.

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