Counter Top Reglazing Made Simple

Does your bathroom sink counter top look like this? You don’t have to fill it with bathroom supplies to cover the shame. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a full remodel either! Tuff Tub Refinishing specializes in low cost and beautiful counter top reglazing services. That’s right, we can reglaze your bathroom surfaces for a fraction of the cost of a remodel! You can have a brand new bathtub, shower, tiles, sink, and counter top in a few days, for a few dollars.

counter top reglazing before


counter top reglzing after


Counter Top Reglazing

We recently finished a few counter top reglazing jobs in south Orange County, CA.

We can give your sink and counter top a second life. A new pattern, a new glaze, waterproofed for ears to come!

We can take an outdated look and spruce it up to give you a fresh feel. Function is important, but beauty is key too!

Our counter top reglazing process is simple, effective, and safe.

1) Simple-we can finish in just a few hours, using a simple five step process.

2) Effective-A leaky sink is an unnecessary pain. We use two coats of primer accentuate the bond of the counter top reglazing  sealer. The primer dries in minutes.

3) Safe-we keep the homeowner and business employees safe from any fumes. We also use eco-friendly materials.

double counter top reglazing before


double counter reglazing top after


Tuff Tub Refinishing is your counter top reglazing solution. Whether leaking, damaged, or just unsightly, we can make your bathroom surfaces tuff again!

Call us today for an over the phone estimate. We can be in and out of your bathroom in only a few hours. A virtually new counter top, shower, tub, or tile can be yours at  fraction of the cost of replacement! Counter top reglazing at its finest!

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