4 Reasons to Resurface Tubs

When your bathtub is damaged or out of date, you can do one of three things: buy a new one, attempt to do it yourself, or hire a professional that can resurface tubs.

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At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we think there are at least four good reasons to choose option three.

Why Resurface Tubs?

1) Cost Effective

It can cost thousands of dollars more to install a new bathtub and/or remodel. Those who choose to hire a professional company to resurface tubs, quickly find out the value of tub refinishing. For the money you save by bathtub resurfacing services, you can also get your sink or shower resurfaced as well!

2) Long Lasting

There have been amazing new technological strides in waterproofing products. You can rest assured that when a qualified professional is on the job to resurface tubs, it will last.

The average bathtub overhaul is good to go for 10-15 years!

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3) Custom or Continuity

Perhaps the best part about hiring someone to resurface tubs, is the flexibility. You can customize or stick with your current style. There are a variety of colors from which to choose. You can modernize the feel or try something different.

On the other hand, tile can be repaired and matched to the existing pattern. You won’t get this with a remodel or new tub and shower. If you want to be pragmatic and get the job done, that is no problem.

4) Collaboration

A true pro who can resurface tubs will not try to sell you something you don’t want. The customer needs and wants are where the conversation should begin. Collaboration is key. Tuff Tubs has been noted for honesty and efficiency. After all, if you hire someone to resurface tubs, you actually want it usable ASAP.

(Appendix) The 411 on DIY

A DIY (Do It Yourself) kit may seem like a fun project or more economical. Some problems can arise, though. One, they will not last as long as a new bathtub or resurface service. Two, you might not be as handy as you think. Three, it can be dangerous for a non-pro to work with the products.

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