4 Steps to a Beautiful Bathroom!

Do you have a beautiful bathroom or is it a beastly bomb? Do you feel like hosing off in the backyard as a more hygienic  beautiful bathroom repairoption than your shower? Are you ready to take a torch to the bathroom and start from scratch?

The bathtub refinishing specialists at Tuff Tub Refinishing feel for you. We have committed to lowering the incidents of bathtub battery in your local neighborhood. We can offer and less frustrating, violent and expensive way to save your bathroom from destruction: bathtub resurfacing.

 Beautiful Bathroom

beautiful bathroomBathtub reglazing, resurfacing, or refinishing. Sinks and tiles too! A wonderful alternative to replacing your tub. Scrap the beast, choose the beauty!

You can be the owner of a beautiful bathroom without going into the poor house.

In four easy steps, Tuff Tubs can achieve the effects of a full remodel, in our professional refinishing process:

1) Prep: we first remove the debris to ensure a smooth surface to enhance the bond.

2) Rep: our repair services are customized to the needs of your tub, tile, sink, and shower.

3) Prime: with eco-friendly etching we achieve a lasting bond for the coating.

4) Coat: you choose the custom color glaze for a beautiful bathroom!

beautiful bathroom 1Without a hefty price tag. Without a lengthy process. Especially without a violent outbreak of frustration. You can retain your hair and experience a beautiful bathroom all at once. Tuff Tub Refinishing is your solution to  the bathroom remodeling dilemma. We serve all of south orange County Ca. We are a local and family owned provider of exceptional refinishing solutions.

We offer over-the-phone estimates. In and out service that does not disrupt your home life. Call us today and achieve a beautiful bathroom in 4 simple steps! Get Tuff and go home!

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