Tile Shower Resurfacing Solution

Like new, beautiful, glowing with a shiny sheen. Whatever descriptive words you choose, Tuff Tub Refinishing can transform your old shower. Whether worn, faded, cracked, or mildew riddled, we are your tile shower resurfacing solution! You do not need to spend thousands of extra dollars a new shower, tiles, bathtub, or sink. At Tuff Tubs, we are your tile shower resurfacing solution.

Tile Shower Resurfacing

The process is pretty straightforward. First, we assess, then repair, sand, clean, prime, and paint.

The Scenario: Large Shower.

tile shower resurfacing _ before reNo shower is too big or complicated for the experts at Tuff Tubs.

The Problem: Cracked Tile.

This shower looked pretty good, except for a tile crack. We do little or big jobs and anything in between. A shower tile crack is no hindrance.

The Solution: 3 parts
  1. Repair: route out and sand down.
  2. Etch: clean and secure a porous surface for the final coating.
  3. Refinish: we apply our eco-friendly polyurethane coating.

For a fraction of the cost of replacing your entire shower or bathtub, we can resurface your entire bathroom. From sink to tub to shower to tiles, our tile shower refinishing process is a snap!  

tile shower resurfacing _ afterAt Tuff Tubs, we use only eco-friendly products. This allows our workers, but most importantly our customers to be at ease. During the shower resurfacing process and afterwards, your home and family are at no risk. This is how we roll. Perhaps you might ask, “how long will tile shower resurfacing actually last?” Fair enough. Rest assured, there are no hidden yearly maintenance services or fees. In fact, expect your Tuff Tubs tile shower reglazing to gleam for 10-15 years!

Call us today for a free over the phone estimate! Put our tile shower resurfacing skills to the test. We serve all of the south Orange County region.
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