Tub Refinishing Takeover

Why shake down your shower? Why trash your tub? Most old and worn tubs can be refinished, to look as good as new, and last for years! Enter Tuff Tub Refinishing, yourtub refinishing Orange County solution to faded, worn, or just plain trashed tubs! We are leading the charge for the tub refinishing takeover!

The process is simple. The cost is minimal. The results are unbelievable.

Tub Refinishing Takeover

Modern technology has made it possible to fully restore your bathtub, shower, and sink at a fraction of the cost of replacing your bathroom components.

spraying coatingLet our professionally trained tub refinishing experts bring your peace of mind and sudsy comfort.

1) Ventilation-we make sure there are no safety issues, for you and our workers!

2) Protection-because the tub refinishing process can get messy!, we tape off the whole tub area with plastic or paper sheeting and masking tape.

3) Repair-we caulk all the corners for a watertight seal. We etch the old coating to achieve a porous surface, which allows the bonding process to occur.

4) Prime-next comes the primer. Two coats of primer are applied, and the primer dries in shower reglazingminutes.

5) Coating-Then comes the first layer of paint sealer. Once the sealer dries, a light sanding paper is utilized as an adherent for the next coat of paint sealer. A total of four coats of refinishing paint are applied. After the final coat is fully dry, we let it dry for at least 24 hours before use.

This 5-step process is your pathway to belong to the Tub Refinishing takeover! Tuff Tub Refinishing would live to show you how our customer care, expert installation, and quality products can serve all of your bathtub refinishing, shower resurfacing, and sink reglazing needs.

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