Tub Floor Fix

Recently we came across a tub where the support under the floor had become unstable. What to do… Tuff Tub Refinishing can answer your question with a resounding no! Bathtub repair and refinishing are great options to achieve a like new bathtub, shower, or sink.

Bathtub Repair 


tub floor fix _ beforeRecently, we tackled just such a tub floor fix.

This tub was in need of much help. Thankfully, Tuff Tubs was on the scene in no time. We have a basic 1-2 punch for our tub floor fix procedure: repair and reseal.


We had to cut out the floor from the delaminating portion of the tub (see crack on the left). Then, we troweled in a filler and reattached the floor. Next, we sanded the edges of the old surface. In fact, this helps with bonding properties and smoothing out the bathtub. After the damaged tub section was removed, we proceeded to fill the hole with watertight resin. We then sanded it down to insure a flush surface. We were then ready for priming. Priming creates bond and level surface.


tub floor fix _ afterTo make things clear, the paint step accomplishes two main goals. One, it provides a watertight seal. Two, it gives you control. A beautiful tub, sink, countertop, or shower adds beauty that allows you to relax in that bubble bath or stress releasing shower. A tub repair by the experts at Tuff Tubs is your solution to a delaminating tub or shower!

Not only is our work top notch, but we are efficient and honest. In your best interests, we won’t wrangle about prices or give you a line. Helpfully, we can be in and out in a few hours. Your tub floor fix project is ready for use in a few short days.

Please call us to today for a free over-the-phone estimate. With a tub floor fix, you can save thousands and get a like new bathtub, shower, or sink!


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