Tile Countertop Sink Reglaze

Countertop Sink Reglaze

Rust on a tile countertop sink is like a lurking thief that no one sees. How did it get here? You might think you have to flee the scene of the crime! Nevertheless, there is a safe and effective way to rid your bathroom of countertop sink reglaze _ beforethis elusive thief! Tuff Tub Refinishing can help you save the sink with a fresh reglaze!

Sink Reglaze – How We Do It

Our reglazing process is time tested and efficient. Because of high costs for replacing sinks, a tile countertop sink reglaze takes a bite out of crime! It not only saves hundreds to thousands of dollars. Also, it keeps your kitchen or bathroom from becoming a robbers’ cave. We are in and out in a short time. In addition, you can start using your “new” sink in no time.

Five basic steps will insure your countertop sink reglaze is successful: 

1. Acid etch the porcelain surface. Our eco-friendly etch creates a uniform bonding area. This is so that we can properly adhere the primer coatings. 

countertop sink reglaze _ process2. Fill in chips with fiberglass gel and sand smooth. A damaged surface is probably what caused you to look into porcelain sink refinishing in the first place. So then, it is of utmost importance to do surface repair in order to “re-create” your sink. Not only do we expertly repair, but we use waterproof fiberglass gel. Insuring that this will be a watertight tile countertop sink reglaze project.

3. Mask off area. Now that the repairs are complete, and the sink surface is prepped, we move to coating. A preliminary, but important step is masking. Our workspaces are clean, tidy, and efficient. Naturally, we are committed to keep your kitchen area free from overspray or any other unwanted debris. 

4. Spray 2 coats of epoxy primer. Thoroughness is our trademark. To make sure you have a uniform surface, two coats of primer are applied. This is especially important if your are changing the color of your sink.

5. Spray 2 coats of polyurethane resin. Lastly, two coats of smooth and silky resin paint coating are sprayed. The color of your choice is our delight!

Your Tile Countertop Sink Reglaze Is Guaranteed

countertop sink reglaze _ afterTuff Tubs’ sink reglaze is a simple, cost-effective, and efficient way to get a “like new” sink! In addition, we add a one-year warranty! Quality, professional craftsmanship, meet customer care – a winning combination!

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