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We use sinks so often that they often become disgusting before we know it. The effects of daily use might either cause us to just deal with sinks_ before nad afterthe gross mess, or make us want to fully replace them. You do not have to settle for the sewer every time you wash your hands or brush your teeth. You also do not have to purchase a new sink. Your solution is cheaper and closer than you think! Tuff Tub Refinishing not only restores showers, bathtubs, and tiles, but also resurfaces sinks!


Like bathtubs and showers, sinks can accumulate unsightly residue that cleansers and scrubbing just cannot erase.

Enter Tuff Tub Refinishing. We take the high cost of replacement away by a simple, but effective reglazing process. Sand, repair, etch, coat: a four-part plan that will succeed!

At Tuff Tubs we value three main things:

1) Safety. Our work environment is well ventilated. Both our technicians and your family is safe during the entire process.sinks_safety

2) Quality. Our professionally trained experts use only the highest grade, eco-friendly products. Tuff Tubs care about the longevity of your refinishing project and the environment. Our sinks are beautiful as well!

3) Care. Tuff Tubs is committed to personalized, customer service. We offer over-the=phone free estimates. We work with you to provide the best fit for your individual bathtub refinishing, shower reglazing, tile resurfacing, and slick sinks needs.

sinks_kitchenSlick Sinks are safe, beautiful high quality, and what you asked for. Nothing less. Slick sinks are Tuff Tub sinks. We service all of the south Orange County region of sunny California. Call us today, and we can get started even that same day! Give us your worst, we will give you our best!

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