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Brand spanking new, you might say. Stunning with a shiny sheen. Whatever descriptive words you choose, Tuff Tub Refinishing can sparkling shower_aftertransform your old shower. Whether worn, faded, cracked, or mildew riddled, we can make it a sparkling shower! You needn’t replace your shower, tiles, bathtub, or sink. There is a cost effective and labor thrifty solution. At Tuff Tubs, we are experts in the exciting new technology called bathtub refinishing.


Just watch the video below to see firsthand how our process works. We think you will be amazed. More importantly, we hope you will breathe a sigh of relief. For a fraction of the cost of replacing your entire shower or bathtub, we can resurface your entire bathroom. From sink to tub to shower to tiles, Tuff Tub Refinishing will do the clean up work!

A sparkling shower is just a few hours away!

Our process is simple, safe, and sturdy:

Simple. In only a few basic steps, you can have an extreme shower makeover. We clean, sand, repair, prep, prime, and coat in only a few hours.

sparkling showerSafe. At Tuff Tubs, we use only eco-friendly products. This allows our workers, but most importantly our customers to be at ease. During the shower resurfacing process and afterwards, your home and family are perfectly safe. This is our promise.

Sturdy. You might be asking, “how long will shower refinishing really last?” Great question! This is not some sort of scam where there is a hidden yearly maintenance service or fee. You can expect your Tuff Tubs shower to sparkle for 10-15 years!

Call us today for a free over the phone estimate! Put our shower waterproofing and reglazing skills to the test. We serve all of the south Orange County region. Find out for yourself why bathtub refinishing is your ticket to a sparkling shower!

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