Shower Reglaze

shower reglaze _ beforeWhat happens if your shower wall becomes damaged? What if you get a crack? Say you have a hole on your tub floor…Do you need to fork out hundreds of dollars for a new shower? The team at Tuff Tub Refinishing has a better solution. We can perform shower reglaze “surgery,” and get your shower up and running – in no time!

Tuff Shower Repair

One of our recent projects tackled just such a scenario. We detected a leak in the piping behind the shower wall. Then we cut out the problem patches in both the shower wall and tub floor. After applying our epoxy waterproof resin to our custom patch-work, we sealed the deal, you might say. A shower reglaze repair is no problem for the boys at Tuff Tubs!

Tuff Shower Reglaze

shower reglaze _ repairDo we stop there, of course not! To make your shower reglaze “like new,” we fully re-coat. After we sand the repair to proper smoothness, we apply our bonder to give you your “new” shower and tub. Our eco-friendly reglazing method insures a water tight seal and a beautiful finish. It only takes a few hours to compete the task. 

Tuff Results

According to industry standards, we offer up to five year warranties! Our course, your new shower reglaze will last for years and years with proper care (like anything). For only dollars, we repair, reglaze, and re-invent your showers, tubs, sinks, and countertops! Do go new, get Tuff! Save time, effort, money and the hassle – and look into the shower and bathtub reglazing option. You won’t be sorry!

shower reglaze _ finalGive us a call today to learn about our 5 year warranties. We even offer free over-the-phone estimates! We would love for the opportunity to serve your specific need, and customize your shower and tub to your heart’s desire!

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