Peeling Tub? No Problem!

A peeling tub is not a problem for the boys at Tuff Tubs!

 Our latest project was a cast iron tub restoration. It had old coating that was peeling off. Leave it to Tuff Tubs to strip off the peeling paint and perform a masterful bathtub refinish.

peeling tub _ before

Peeling Tub – Prep

As you can see with this old cast iron tub, its paint job has seen better days. The first step in tub reglazing is to prep for the primer. With peeling paint, we sand down the old surface. This allows it to have bonding properties and to smooth out the bathtub. This peeling tub is no match for our prep skills!

Peeling Tub – Prime

peeling tub _ before _ lengthAfter all the repairs are complete, we move to the priming step. This covers over anything that is not flush. It also preps the bathtub, shower, sink or countertop for the paint. A peeling tub that is primed for success!

Peeling Tub – Paint

The paint serves two purposes. One, it gives a watertight seal. Two, it gives you a voice. Your choice of color makes you the king or queen of your bathroom! A beautiful tub, sink, countertop, or shower adds aesthetics that will keep you coming back for more of that relaxing bubble bath or decompressing shower. Tuff Tub Refinishing is your solution to a peeling tub!

peeling tub _ after Check out the final product. Gorgeous! We can be in and out in a few hours. Your newly reglazed tub or shower is ready for use in a few short days. We use eco-friendly products and provide friendly service to match. Call us to today for a free over-the-phone estimate. Let us give you a tuff tub for the thousands less than a buying new!

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