Newport Coast Cast Iron Tub Repair

Is your tub flaking, bubbling, rusty, or some of all three? At Tuff Tub Refinishing, every day, we run into cast iron tubs that have failed due to poor adhesion. If your bathtub deteriorates for too long, the cost to repair or strip the entire tub may be involved. So then, if you see any of these signs of wear or want a fresh look, Tuff Tubs can perform an expert cast iron tub repair that lasts.

Cast Iron Tub Repair

cast iron tub repair _ beforeThe good news is that we can take any tub, shower, countertop, sink, or other appropriate surface and make it as good or better than new!

We test our basic five-step tub repair process on-site and modify it for each specific situation.

Prep. First, we remove all caulking and loose debris. This allows for tighter adhesion. Using sanding and utility knives, we keep the surface as smooth as possible.

Repair. Next up is the cast iron tub repair. We apply our industrial-strength filler and sand it smooth with a high-speed grinder. Not only does this encourage a super flush surface, but it is also an eye-catcher!

Etching. For the sake of bonding, we etch the shower surface with an eco-friendly stain. Consequently, this achieves a porous surface to bond the final sealer, producing a watertight seal. This critical step in cast iron tub repair is performed precisely.

Primer and Coating. Fourth, we apply multiple coats of waterproofing paint sealer. As a result, you get a “new” bathtub!

cast iron tub repair _ afterSealer. After our final sealer spray, the tub refinishing project is your own showpiece!

Our Promise

Tuff Tubs has the proper cast iron tub repair for your needs, signed, sealed, and delivered! Not only that, but we are also committed to customized customer care. Using eco-friendly products shows that you and our world are worth the extra effort. You can call us today for a free over-the-phone estimate. Let us remove the cracks in your tub and shower enclosure and perform a cast iron tub refinish that shines! 

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