Jacuzzi Tub Reglazing

Jacuzzi tub reglazing is what we do at Tuff Tub Refinishing. Haven’t you noticed, sinks and tubs can become they can become well-damaged before you realize it. The effects of daily use might either cause us to just jacuzzi tub _ beforedeal with the unsightly mess, or eventually we are forced to fully replace them. However, you do not have to settle for a septic experience each time you wash your hands. You do not have to wonder what they white gunk is on your once elegant black jacuzzi tub. Even more great news–you do not have to purchase a new tub or sink! At Tuff Tubs, the solution is less expensive and nearer than you could possibly imagine! Not only do we perform jacuzzi tub reglazing, but we can also restore showers, bathtubs, tiles, and also refinish sinks!

Reglazing Tubs

A black jacuzzi tub is darn right elegant. But with Southern California hard water, black surfaces show more calcium deposits that a white surface. That is what happened in one of our latest projects.

Tubs can accumulate unsightly residue and even rust, that foil the efforts of cleansers and good ole’ fashioned elbow grease. Enter Tuff Tubs. We remove the the assumption that “new is necessary” with a simple, but effective jacuzzi tub reglazing process. Repair, etch, coat: a three-part elegant piece of art that will shine!

jacuzzi tub reglazing _ afterThe Tuff Jacuzzi Tubs three-part masterpiece:

  1. Repair. Grinding out cracks, rust, and any other unnecessary debris is what we do. Sanding down all the surfaces, we get to the root problem and to achieve a proper bond. Using either fiberglass gel or cloth, we insure a watertight seal (up to 5 years)!
  2. Prep. After repair, we cover the area to avoid overspray. Applying our bonder primer, this prepares for the final paint sealer.
  3. Paint. Once the primer is dry, we spray on our waterproof polyurethane paint sealer – your color choice. A jacuzzi tub reglazing masterpiece!

Reglazing jacuzzi tubs is our cup of tea – for the whole south Orange County region. Call us today, and we can get started right away! Give us your black sheep tub, and we will make it gleam white!

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