Faux Granite Counter Top Reglazing

granite counter top reglazing _ beforeIs your once gorgeous countertop a bit gritty? What do you do when they begin to fade? Some would start saving for a new kitchen remodel…but thankfully there is another option! At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we specialize in faux granite counter top reglazing. We can restore the glimmer of your once glorious counter top!

Granite Counter Top Reglazing – Getting Rid Of The Gunk

The first step of granite countertop reglazing is repair and/or prep. To create a lasting bond for the surface of the granite, we sand down or etch and fill any cracks or holes. We then wipe it down with acetone. This allows the bonding process to be successful, for when we spray the primer coats.

granite counter top reglazing _ taping

Granite Counter Top Reglazing – Glaze One

Then note that in the pictures, we tape off the area to prep for spraying the primer coat. This protects the cabinets and other appliances from overspray. It also gives us a tight line for aesthetic appeal. In order to achieve a uniform surface and watertight seal, we spray on an eco-friendly primer. Creating a level bonding surface with three primer coats of Flintstone II, it is now prepped for the final reglazing coat. A triple dose for a great faux granite countertop reglazing!

Granite Counter Top Reglazing – Glaze Two

granite counter top reglazing _ afterAfter a final sanding prep, the hard work is done. Now the finishing touches begin. Your surf now buffed out and shiny as new! After applying three coats of clear resin, a tuff seal is ensured and its lustre is accentuated. One more glowing faux granite countertop reglazing project under our belt!

Tuff Tubs can restore and replenish your damaged counter tops! Call us today to save thousands and renew your once glorious kitchen countertop and/or island!

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