Glittering Shower Reglazing

Shower reglazing. Is your shower sorry? Have the once brilliant oceanic hues dulled? Do you find yourself before_shower reglazingtaking less showers, because you get depressed by the drab decor? Tuff Tub Refinishing can help! We specialize in restoring the glitter to your bathroom. We recently finished a shower reglazing job that turned out sweet.

Shower Reglazing

Prep. We started off by preparing the surface for the waterproofing sealer. This included removal off all caulking and loose debris that as hindering adhesion. We used both sandpaper as well as utility knives to make the surface as smooth as possible.

Repair. This shower also needed repair. It had deep cracking on the tiles which needed repiar_shower reglazingfilling. We filled the cracks with industrial strength filler and sanded it smooth with a high speed grinder. Again, this encourages a smooth surface as well as achieves aesthetic appeal.

Etching. Next, we etched the surface with our eco-friendly stain. This promoted a slightly porous surface to which the final sealer bonded, thus achieving a watertight seal. This is a crucial step in shower reglazing.

Primer and Coating. Next, the shower was primed. We then applied multiple coats of waterproofing paint sealer. This is the step that gave our customer their “new” shower!

Sealer. The final step is course to seal the deal! Glittering shower reglazing shines, literally, when we applied our final sealer.

shower reglzing_fianlWe take shower reglazing seriously. We don’t want our customers paying thousands of dollars to redo their bathroom, when for a fraction of the cost they can achieve the same with a bathtub refinishing, bathtub resurfacing, shower reglazing, or sink reglazing service.

Tuff Tub Refinishing does just that. Call us today to receive an over the phone quote and let us get going on your new glittering shower reglazing and beyond!

Watch this job in action!

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