Ceramic Shower Stall Reglaze

Is your ceramic shower stall looking less than dynamic? Rust, cracks, crud, chipping, delamination frustration? You needn’t replace your tiles or worse yet – replace your whole shower! Tuff Tub Refinishing can perform a ceramic shower stall reglaze, and save you $1000s!

Ceramic Shower Stall Reglaze – A Craze?

Ceramic Shower Stall Reglaze _ before

Sounds too good to be true, eh? Well, so did hot shower water at one point in time! With a few simple steps, you can have a “like new” shower stall. We can have you back in your restored shower within 24 hours tops. Imagine a luxurious, warm shower without cutting your feet on cracked tile or slicing your foot on a rusted metal drain? Sounds like heaven? Not quite, but it beats the alternative – paying thousands for a new shower! A ceramic shower stall reglaze is not too good to be true!

Ceramic Shower Stall Reglaze – Stage by stage

The process is professional and safe, but simple. Our four-step process to a stunning ceramic shower stall reglaze is as follows:

  1. Strip shower coating. However long it takes, we remove the old unsightly paint. We also perform repair where necessary: sanding, crack filling and more. yoU do not want to let cracks or missing coating cause water seepage.
  2. Chemical etch to remove gloss. We use an eco-friendly etch to remove the old glossy coating for the original shower stall surface.
  3. Two coats of epoxy primer. Once the surface is prepped, we are ready to color your shower – your way. Custom color brings eye pleasing custom comfort.
  4. Two coats of polyurethane resin. Now we replace the glass. We insure a watertight surface by using two coats of resin. This stage-by-stage ceramic shower stall reglaze is all the rage!

Ceramic Shower Stall Reglaze – Praise

ceramic shower stall reglaze _ afterWe can talk about ourselves all we want, but listen to one of our recent satisfied customers:

Arlen definitely stands behind his work and guarantee. He had Jorge come out to take care of some small issues from a previous glaze. Jorge explained to only way to fix it was to completely strip the glaze. He stayed almost 10 hours and did an amazing job! Looks brand new. Thank you Arlen for being a professional and honest contractor and a man of his word!

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