Tuff Tile Refinishing

Tuff Tile Refinishing is our alias. Tuff Tub Refinishing is your Orange County CA alternative to a full bathroom makeover. We offer a wide variety of solutions to worn bathroom tile refinishingfurniture. If your bathtub is tanking, we can refinish it. If your shower is sorry, we can reglaze it. If your sink top is sinking, we can resurface it. If your tile is a terror, we can help!

Tuff Tile Refinishing

Our solution is simple. We come in and revamp old fixtures and make them look like new. We provide a service that brings new life to your bathtub, shower, sink top, and tile that will last for years. All of this is for a fraction of the cost of replacing your bathroom.

Tile Refinishing is one of our specialties.

Preparation. First, we come in and prep the tile. Removing loose debris or old caulking is necessary to obtain a clean surface on which to sand.

Sanding. We sand smooth any inconsistencies in the tile so we can make it ready for the repair process. Using a high speed grinder, we achieve a flush surface. Watch the video below to see us at work!

Repair. We apply industry grade filler to fix any broken tiles. If you need new tiles, we can perform the installation process as well.

Tile Refinishing. This is a three part process. First, we etch the surface to obtain a semi-porous surface. This allows the primer and tile refinishing coating to bond to the original tile. Second, we apply primer and coating. Last, we seal the deal with specialty sealer.

Call us today for a free over the phone estimate. We can usually diagnose the problem as we speak! Within a few days, Tuff Tub Tile Refinishing can have your bathroom looking and lasting like new!

sink before_tile refinishingTuff Tub Refinishing is your Orange County CA bathtub refinishing, bathtub resurfacing, shower reglazing, sinktop refinishing, and tile refinishing expert!

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