Ritzy Refinishing In Corona Del Mar

Has your once classic clawfoot tub become pre-historic? Is it like drowning in a rusty ole’ wreck? Do you feel like you have to claw your way out of the tub? Tuff Tub Refinishing can swab ‘yer deck and refinish ye’ ole’ tub! Even for those living the life in Corona Del Mar, the benefits of keeping that classic clawfoot are secured with our ritzy refinishing tub repair and reglazing process. Of late, we restored a bathtub and some sinks at Crystal Cove Cottages.

Ritzy Clawfoot Tub Repair

Unfortunately, this clawfoot tub was just about sunk. Thankfully, they called Tuff Tubs. With us it is a simple, intuitive process: etch, eradicate, energize.

ritzy refinishing _ before

ERADICATE. First, we remove rust. Then, we sand down the edges of the old surface. Of course, this helps with bonding properties and smoothing out the bathtub. After the damaged tub sections are repaired, we fill the holes with watertight resin. We then sand it down again to insure a flush surface. Thus, we are ready for etching.

ETCH. Etching creates bond and a level surface. It is crucial to preserve the porcelain, because after you paint, there is no going backward.

ritzy refinishing _ etch

ENERGIZE. To clarify, painting accomplishes two main goals. Most importantly, it provides a watertight seal. Two, it gives you the aesthetical appeal. Why do you want to keep ye’ ole’ clawfoot? One reason, a ritzy clawfoot tub adds a charm and elegance that allows for a relaxing escape in a bubble bath. A ritzy refinishing tub repair by the experts at Tuff Tubs is your solution to drowning in a rusty wreck o’ a tub!

Rest assured, our work is top notch. What’s more, we are efficient and honest. In your best interests, we won’t wrangle about prices or give you a line. Helpfully, we can be in and out in a few hours. Your ritzy refinishing project is ready for use in a few short days. Please call us to today for a free over-the-phone estimate. Let us help you save thousands, and more importantly, that heirloom clawfoot tub!

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