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Are your kitchen counter and island combo surfaces outdated? Perhaps, damaged? Both? Not a worry for Tuff Tub Refinishing! We not only perform tub, shower, and bathroom counter refinishing services – but also re-energize the look of your kitchen. In case you didn’t know, the refinishing/resurfacing process is a growing industry that seeks to hit the middle and provide long lasting solutions to your home renovation needs. So, check out this post for one of our latest counter and island refinish projects.

counter and island refinishFor your convenience, here’s a breakdown of the three simple steps that will give your kitchen a new look at a fraction of the cost of a total makeover. 

Counter And Island Refinish – Rep-resenting 

Now to the first step, repair and/or prep. After creating a lasting bond for the surface, we sand down or etch and fill any cracks or holes. Then we wipe it down with acetone. This allows the bonding process to be successful. Finally, we spray the primer coats.

Tape & Glaze 

counter and island refinish _ afterThen, we tape off the area to prep for spraying the primer coat. This protects the cabinets and other appliances from overspray. It also gives us a tight line for aesthetic appeal. In order to achieve a uniform surface and watertight seal, we spray on an eco-friendly primer. Creating a level bonding surface with three primer coats of Morning Fog gray, it is now prepped for the final reglazing coat. 

Final Touch

After a final sanding prep, the hard work is done. Now, the finishing touches begin. Your surfaces are now buffed out and shiny as new! After applying three coats of clear resin, a tuff seal is ensured and its lustre is accentuated. Bam! One more beautiful kitchen that we have passed on!

You can be confident, Tuff Tubs will restore your damaged or outdated kitchen counter tops or island! Please, call us today to save you thousands with a counter and island refinish!

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