4 Kinds of Stunning Surfaces

When it comes to your bathroom surfaces, new or re-do, that is the question. There comes a time when you have to make a choice. What is the best way to regain my bathroom’s once-stunning surfaces?

Stunning Surfaces

You do not have to remodel to revive your bathroom’s stunning surfaces. Bathroom Resurfacing is a budget-friendly alternative that accomplishes the same end: a beautiful bathroom. You can transform your bathroom surfaces into like new for a few hundred dollars. The best part is that reglazing lasts for years.

Shower. You can save the tile, grout, or smooth textured shower. A properly trained refinishing company can also keep and reattach your existing shower door after the repairs and recoating.

Sinks. Rust or holes are no problem. You will have a delightful new sink with a few minor repairs and a custom color glaze. 

Countertop. Old countertops can be a natural eye-sore. Years of mildew and other unsightly stains in grout are ugly and unsanitary. A well-trained countertop resurfacing company can restore the cleanliness and shine of your countertop, fix any nicks, and create a new, stunning surface. 

Bathtub. Porcelain, clawfoot, or the standard liner are often worn down. If you need a new repair before a color scheme, this is not a problem.

Hiring a company like Tuff Tub Refinishing can allow you to achieve the stunning surfaces you once had in your bathroom. Save thousands today with our reasonably priced, personalized care. Your new bathroom awaits, with change to spare! Don’t go now; get Tuff Tub Refinishing!

resurfaced countertop_stunning surfacesCheck out this Yelp review from one of our satisfied customers!

“I had a great experience with Tuff Tubs twice now! They repaired cracks in 2 tubs, and now they both look new! Very nice job saving the existing stand-up shower and tub. They also fixed the kitchen sink and old countertops (see above). Always pleasant to work with and reasonably priced. Great job, guys, thanks!”

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