Tuff Bathtub Refinishing

Tuff Bathtub Refinishing _beforeTuff Bathtub Refinishing. Is your tub a tough case? Would you rather use your neighbor’s restroom because of your sorry sink? Does your countertop have an over-the-top crud factor? Is the grout in your shower too gross to gloss over? There is a better solution than disinheriting your bathroom! Tuff Tub Refinishing does tuff bathtub refinishing, we can help!

Tuff Bathtub Refinishing

You do not have to replace your shower, sink, or tub. Repeat. You do not have to purchase new bathroom accessories.

Tuff bathtub refinishing means resurfacing or reglazing.

Tuff Bathtub Refinishing _after We take your existing sink, shower, tub, or countertop and give it a fresh look. No matter what the condition, we can add an extra ten or more years to the life span of your bathroom surfaces.

Note (in this job pictured on the left) how we protect the existing surfaces. We not only pay careful attention to the details of refinishing surfaces but make sure your bathroom is free of chemical smells and overspray.

Tuff bathtub refinishing consists of a few simple steps:

  1. prep
  2. sand/repair
  3. clean
  4. coat

We customize our service to your needs and desires. Do you want a fresh look in addition to a recoat? We’ve got your covered. Do you need a tile repair before a reglazing? We can fill in the gaps.

We are in a out before you know it, and you will wonder just how did you get a new bathtub, shower, sink, or countertop in just hours! Tuff bathtub refinishing is a fabulous way to save 1000s of dollars in bathroom remodeling.

Tuff_Tub_Logo-1024x237_edit3Tuff Bathtub Refinishing is reliable.

We offer over the phone estimates, straight shooting, and craftsman sensitive service. We are certified installers, using only eco-friendly products and industry standard practices. Call us today to give tuff bathtub refinishing a try and see the difference firsthand!

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