Super Shower Refinishing

Tired of scrubbing your old shower tiles to no avail? Are you dreading the inevitable remodel? Good news. You don’t have to scrap it and start over. The super shower refinishingsuper shower refinishing regiment is a quick call away! Tuff Tub Refinishing is your Orange County middle road solution to the extreme remodel or do it yourself options.

Super Shower Refinishing

Encrusted mold, grime, algae, dirt. Cracks, scratches, broken tiles. Tuff Tubs can clean, repair or replace your shower tiles to make them look like new. The best part is that our super shower refinishing is at a fraction of the cost of remodeling. We are devoted disciples of resurfacing techniques and committed to customer care. We use eco-friendly products because we think that you and our world are worth going the extra mile.

Check out this video of one of our super shower refinishing jobs!

 Super Shower Refinishing Process

Note that we prep the surface before repairing. With our background in the waterproofing industry, we apply the techniques and know how to fully seal your shower surface. With showers it is obviously important to waterproof the tiles. Attention to detail ensures a lasting product that is good as new!

Shower Prep. Removal of all caulking and loose debris helps hindering of adhesion. Sandpaper as well as utility knives help keep the surface as smooth as possible.

super shower refinishing_fianlShower Repair. We fill the cracks with industrial strength filler and sand it smooth with a high speed grinder. This encourages a super smooth shower surface as well as catching the eye.

Shower Etching. We etch shower surfaces with an eco-friendly stain. This achieves a porous surface to which the final sealer bonds, giving a watertight seal. This is an important step in super shower refinishing.

Shower Primer and Coating. We apply multiple coats of waterproofing paint sealer. This  step gives our customers their “new” shower!

Shower Sealer.  Your shower will shine, when we apply our final sealer.

Tuff Tubs has the right service for your needs. Call us today for a free over the phone estimate, and let us getting cracking at your cracked shower!

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