Jacuzzi Tub Conversion

Is your once romantic jacuzzi tub looking lackluster? Are there so many dings that it is mistaken for a bathroom floor? Is the discoloration simple fading or a stain? If your jets have cooled, do you have to buy a new tub and chuck the jacuzzi?  With Tuff Tubs just right jacuzzi tub _ beforeon the job, you regain the historic beauty of your beloved tub and more!

Not Quite Right

Can you tell, this jacuzzi tub was discolored and dinged up – with cracks to boot?! To be honest, the whole bathroom could use a fresh look. With our specialized bathtub, shower, sink, and vanity reglazing services – you can stay up with the times – with a just right jacuzzi tub conversion! Our customer chose just that – out with the jacuzzi – up with the times!

just right jacuzzi _ before 2

Not Quite The Challenge

For Tuff Tubs, it is as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. After performing seamless crack repairs and filling in the jet holes,
  2. It is time to reglaze the entire surface.
  3. We use Napco Brite white high gloss polyurethane resin. In addition, we are professionally trained and certified installers. By using industry standard and eco-friendly products – you know you are getting the good stuff. So, you and your family can feel safe with Tuff Tubs on the job!

just right jacuzzi _ patchJacuzzi Tub Conversion

Check out the detail on this newly glazed jacuzzi tub conversion! Shimmering, shiny, and flawless. You do not have to settle for bathroom remodel or brand new tub. Using a reglazing expert like Tuff Tub Refinishing can save you thousands of dollars. Especially, with a full refinishing project like this.

The final product is just right! Perfecto! Please, don’t settle for a dilapidated jacuzzi tub! Call us today for a free over-the-phone quote. You will not be sorry!

just right jacuzzi_ after

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