Claw Foot Tub Refinish

Claw Foot Tub Refinish – The Problem

Do you have a once beautiful old claw foot bathtub? Maybe it was passed on to you from your family mansion back east. Perhaps you moved into an ol’ fixer up’er that needed some loving care – and it came with the house? The key phrase here is once beautiful…now it is time to chuck it – or – wait…do you really have to lose the charm and history of an old sturdy and beautiful tub just because it has a few dents, scratches or even rust? The simple answer is no! At Tuff Tub Refinishing, one of our specialities is the claw foot tub refinish.

 Claw Foot Tub Refinish – The Solution

claw foot tub refinish_beforeGunk Removal. As you can see, this bathtub is stained on the inside, with a gross black film. Not only that, but the porcelain wclaw foot tub refinish_outsideas also scratched up from years of use.

Outside. At Tuff Tubs, we are not only professionals, but craftsmen. This claw foot tub refinish had green paint on outside. We stripped that off, then sanded it down. In order to retain the rustic appearance, we did not make it fully smooth. We excite our customers with beautiful and nostalgic looking products.

claw foot tub refinish_clawsBack to the inside scoop. On the inside, we primed and sprayed with Napco Brite White, high gloss, polyurethane resin. This industry grade product allows the tub surface to last for years and years. The resin gives it strength and makes it watertight. Hi-gloss for a glowing and sudsy experience. And all our products are eco-friendly!

Final Touches. Lastly, the outside and claw feet were sprayed with Napco Brite White low gloss. A winning combo!

Claw Foot Tub Refinish – The Value

As if all of this wasn’t great enough, you also save a tub full of cash! The tub refinishing and resurfacing route is affordable. The finish can last just as long a standard new tub, at thousands less.

Your claw foot tub refinish can look fantastic too!

claw foot tub refinish_finalGet your claw foot tub refinish today!

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