Fashionable Faux Granite Coatings

Is your once glorious countertop ready for an overhaul? Could it use a refresh? You do not need to start saving for a new kitchen remodel! Thankfully, there is another option! At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we specialize in faux granite coatings. We can bring a glimmer of light to your once grand countertop!

Fashion Tips About Faux Granite Coatings

faux granite coatingsFirst, a faux granite countertop is a great way to customize and refresh a dated looking kitchen. And the best part, it is for a fraction of the cost of replacing your counter! Most faux granite coatings apply thicker and need more coats. Thus, they have greater durability.

The Big Picture

The correct process for application is crucial. Three coats of a water-base texture, three coats of clear high-gloss or semi-gloss ensures the proper seal. Of course, a faux granite coating will cost a bit more than standard white. However, nothing beats the fashionable appeal. At Tuff Tubs, we can refinish: ceramic tile, cultured marble, and composite.

Three Steps To Glimmer 

First, to create a lasting bond for the surface of the granite, we sand down or etch and fill any cracks or holes. We then wipe it down with acetone. This allows the bonding process to successfully prep for the primer coat.

faux granite coatings _ closeYou guessed it, next we tape off the area to prep for spraying the primer coat. This protects the cabinets and other appliances from overspray. It also gives us a tight line for fashionable appeal. In order to achieve a uniform surface and watertight seal, we spray on an eco-friendly primer. Creating a level bonding surface with three primer colors of you choice, it is now prepped for the final reglazing coat. Three is the charm for fashionable faux granite coatings!

Finally, finishing touches begin. Your surfaces are then buffed out to glimmer like new! After applying three coats of clear resin, a tuff seal is ensured and its lustre glows. Another fashionable faux granite coating project to boot!

Rest assured, your damaged countertops can be renewed. Faux granite coatings are in fashion. Give the folks at Tuff Tub a call for a quote and start creating your new look today!

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