Choosing Your Refinishing Color Scheme

Often times at Tuff Tub, we are asked to refinish everything in white. We usually use a bright white, which is pretty standard in the industry. Strange as it might seem, white can come in a lot of different shades. refinishing color scheme _ surroundThus, bright white may become more than you bargained for. You might want to consider a different refinishing color scheme.

Sunglasses In Your Bathroom?

This is especially true if you are refinishing the surround, bathroom sink, and vanity. You may need to replace your light bulbs with a lower wattage or even wear sunglasses! It seems simple to us, getting blinded in your own bathroom is unnecessary and silly.😉

A Better Idea

refinishing color scheme _ tubThis is why, a simpler and overlooked solution is to be more specific with your refinishing color scheme. Bathtubs usually look good and clean when they are refinished in white. Indeed, they will often compliment other bathroom fixtures such as your toilet and sink basin. Although this might be uniform and blend well, it could be an aesthetic nightmare. However, what if you created some intentional contrast at some natural lines or angles in order to add some depth? Perhaps a speckled brown sand surround to compliment the sparkling white tub? You might be surprised at how much more pleasant your bathroom experience could be.

refinishing color scheme _ top viewAt Tuff Tub, we have a large assortment of contrasting colors, textures and patterns to compliment your white. So you can achieve the bathroom you envision, our team is here to walk you through those steps to customize your refinishing color scheme. In addition, bathtub refinishing can cost hundreds or even thousands less than a new bathroom remodel. We follow all CA regulations for safe products and exceed our customers expectations with our care filled service. Maybe now is the time to get away from the sanitized hospital look and get creative!

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