Tub Rust Repair

What do you do when your bathtub gets rusty? Do you have to purchase a brand new tub? Will I ruin my bath tub if I sand it down? All great questions. With a simple solution. At Tuff Tub Refinishing, we are are Tub Rust Repair _ beforeexperts at tub rust repair for bathtubs, showers, sinks and countertop surfaces!

Tub Rust Repair – Your Choices

Do you have rust or other major damage to your bathtub, no need to fret! You have two choices: buy a whole new tub. Or, a tub rust repair and refinish – saving you thousands! The choice is obvious, no? First, the problem is assessed with a brief phone conversation. We will give an honest estimate of the cost. Thankfully, we can perform our services in only a few hours. In 48 hours, its sudsy cozy time once again!

Tub Rust Repair 4 Steps To Success

Tub Rust Repair _ drain1-2-3-4 and we are out your door! We can perform lasting tub rust repair in no time – no hassles for you or your family.

  1. Irradiate rust. With a specially formulated, eco-friendly industry product, we remove rust for good.
  2. De-gloss surface. In order to promote a watertight bond for new tub reglazing, we sand off the exist/remaining glossy surface.
  3. Two coats of epoxy primer. Next, two coats of epoxy primer are sprayed to coat the entire surface. This makes your tub rust repair both strong and waterproof.
  4. Polyurethane coating. Lastly, you get your shine back! Our polyurethane coating gives a final seal that eliminates water intrusion.

Tub Rust Repair We Stand By Our Work

Tub Rust Repair _ finalNever fear, by using only eco-friendly products, our trained and certified pros don’t skimp. More than that: honesty, reliability, quick turn around, and low costs are our promises! Call us today to get your free over-the-phone estimate! We can perform a lasting tub rust repair and refinish that you can trust

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