Bathtub Resurfacing Rescue!

If your bathtub looks anything like the one above, we can help! Your friendly OC neighborhood bathtub resurfacing rescue team is on the way! Tuff Tub Refinishing will take it easy on your checkbook and attack your tottering tub!

Orange County bathtub resurfacing jobs are our specialty.

With our bathtub refinishing processĀ  you can get three for one! We also performed a shower resurfacing as well. Notice how grimy this shower and tub were before we did our thing. We also refinish sinks and tile!

Our 5-step bathtub resurfacing process is as follows:bathtub resurfacing_drain

1) Clean and prep the bathtub: we remove any excess contaminants that might impede bonding.
2) Prep the bathroom: We make sure your bathroom is hazard free and conducive for our work environment.
3) Sand and Repair: We sand down any troubled spots and repair and dings, in order to insure a smooth surface.
4) Primer: the tub is primed to promote full adhesion with our final coating.
5) Coat: we reglaze your tub with various coats of durable finish coat.

Shower and BathTub resurfacing process complete!

With Tuff Tub Refinishing on the scene, your bathtub resurfacing rescue is a shoe in! Yourafter bathtub resurfacing_drain shower, tub, sink, and tiles can look like new, for a fraction of the cost to replace a whole bathroom. Your bathroom can match in style, color, and feel with our service. Do not be fooled into DIY kits that are second best at best. Do not be fooled into spending an arm and a leg in fully replacing your bathroom.

Call Tuff Tub Refinishing today for a free, over the phone estimate, and quick turn around. In a few hours you will have a new bathtub, shower, sink, or tiling with years of enjoyment ahead!

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